Values to the right of the decimal are generally called 'small' since they are smaller than values to the left of the decimal. format_small() lets you update the settings of a rounding_specification object (see round_spec) so that values right of the decimal will be printed with a specific format (see examples).

format_small(rspec, mark = "", interval = 5L)



a rounding_specification object (see round_spec).


a character value used to separate number groups to the right of the decimal point. See prettyNum for more details on this. Set this input to '' to negate it's effect.


a numeric value indicating the size of number groups for numbers left of the decimal.


an object of class rounding_specification.

See also

Other formatting helpers: format_decimal()


small_x <- 0.1234567 rspec <- round_spec() rspec <- round_using_decimal(rspec, digits = 7) rspec <- format_small(rspec, mark = '*', interval = 1) table_value(small_x, rspec)
#> [1] "0.1*2*3*4*5*6*7"