round_spec() creates a rounding specification object with default settings. The settings of a rounding specification object can be updated using functions in the round_ (see round_half_up, round_half_even, round_using_signif, round_using_decimal, and round_using_magnitude) and format_ (see format_missing, format_big, format_small, and format_decimal) families.

round_spec(force_default = FALSE)



a logical value. If TRUE, then round_spec() ignores global options and uses its factory default values. If FALSE, round_spec() will access global options to determine its settings.


an object of class rounding_specification.


Rounding specifications are meant to be passed into the table_glue and table_value functions. The specification can also be passed into table_ functions implicitly by saving a rounding specification into the global options.

The round_spec() function intentionally uses no input arguments. This is to encourage users to develop rounding specifications using the round_ and format_ families in conjunction with the pipe (%>%) operator.


rspec <- round_spec() table_value(x = pi, rspec)
#> [1] "3.1"